"Wait," he said, "you read fantasy? On your profile it said you read science fiction."
"I like to read both."
"That makes no sense, you either read one or the other."
She gave him a look.
"Are you serious? Genre matters much less than the quality of the story."
#BiVisibilityDay #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Does anyone on the west coast near the Seattle area know good resources for a teen interested in getting resources and supports regarding being transgender?

support groups
Vocal training
Locations to get information on hormone or surgery
And general information on places that are to be avoided

Boosts appreciated

Food pictures, group eating 

Got to do a mabon meal with the bubbled polycule in which my non-fediverse girlfriend made an epic stuffed pumpkin and savory cornbread for me and the @dragon

Was a quieter one than normal but also very tasty, the pumpkin was a new experiment and it came out well.

Finally united the two chunks of my polycule that are bubbled in one place for the sacred and holy Sunday Roast of Unity.

Hopefully we can get the other chunk back sooner rather than later, I miss my metamour.

Autism poll, object personification 

Currently finding more things about myself, specifically a possibly undiagnosed case of autism; so I'd like to ask this poll.

Autistic people only, please. #ADHD folk with suspicions of having autism may also participate.

Do you have plushies, and if you do, do you feel emotionally attached to them?

#autism #poll

Oh shit I remembered that The Kitten Game (bloodrizer.ru/games/kittens/#) existed. Best of all the clickers.

Trains in Singapore use automated shades when passing through a residential area

ah yeah, system administration documentation or how I like to call it "~/.bash_history"

So I see catgirls.gay is already taken and honestly if this doesn't turn into a really good fediverse instance then a crime has been committed.

In other news of me just randomly spamming links I just saw the trailer for Solar Ash (youtube.com/watch?v=6Ao1v2WUuf) and I have to say I quite like the weird sci-fi speeding around the universe looking aesthetics so far. So now just to see what actually the rest of the game looks like.

nme.com/news/music/the-cure-sa The Cure say their new album is their “most intense, saddest and most emotional record” (Will Richards, 22nd July 2020)

Okay so apparently we're due one to three more albums from The Cure before they wrap it up and stop producing fresh albums.

I was not expecting this but now I am hype, the return of The Cure could easily restore balance to this blasted wasteland.

I made a PayPal thingie to help me fix my van and get on with my life : paypal.me/pools/c/8sD0Vxwi96
Anything help! Money, prayers, RT and even likes. Thank you so much 🥰


‘The flu kills more people than COVID-19!’ is not the gotcha against mask-wearing that people think it is

I see that more and more (climate) activist groups are using #Telegram. I worry about this. Please read why:

- Telegram groups are not end-to-end encrypted.

- Meta-data: Telegram can see who are a group member.

- Although they say the messages are encrypted on their servers (with a home-made encryption protocol), they are the ones having the keys, so in theory they can also see what’s said in the group.

- There are examples of groups that were deleted by Telegram. Although these where ISIS and criminal groups, remember that Telegram has the power to do this.

- You can only sign-up with your phone number.

- Only the Telegram clients (apps) are open source, not the code they use on their servers.

- Telegram is founded, owned and funded by the Russian billionaire Pavel Durov. Although he’s anti-Putin, he’s a (American style) libertarian and of course a capitalist.

Please find something better folks!

#activism #security #privacy

Lost some time twiddling WMs thinking about having a "work" desktop as well as a "home" one for WFH.

I may have to get around to installing a local version of notion because Ubuntu is still shipping a 2017 version and its being a bit sulky about working well.

However I did finally try i3 and I think I started to work out WTF its deal is.

Best find however is Openbox's DirectionalTargetWindow action which enables almost tiling like directional jumping and is just awesome.

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