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Some say if you peer through a stone with a hole in it, you can see magic. Some say doing so dispels magic, unravels glamours, and lets you see what is true.
The truth is, when you see a stone with a hole in it, if you pick it up and peer through it, your world still has magic.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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You can see the most 👍ed issues on the #Mastodon issue list here:

And the moment we've got:

- Support account migration

- “Disable replies” [per post] feature

- option to follow hashtags

- Add a "Local timeline" privacy option

- Support for U2F Two-Factor-Auth

- Follow public local timelines from other instances


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The uptick in "hotwife" implies global wife warming, or wife climate change

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Marseille 8 Mars 2019

Photos sous Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Partage dans les Mêmes Conditions 4.0 International

#photography #marseille #lgbtqi #8mars #photographie

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"Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese therapy inviting you to bathe in a forest" is an article I got linked to over on FB by someone, essentially the idea is that mindful focused time spent in woodlands is good for people.

tagging @mrvi @Caligari @dragon and @nordiclady who are all probably into this kind of idea and probably one of them linked it originally.

It honestly feels nice to have a night without tumultuous political voting going on.

I wonder what manoeuvring will go on over the weekend.

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Terrorism, New Zealand Show more

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morix boosted British Pilgrim Trust doing a show on Radio4 about the "Turtledove Pilgrimage" where they walk a route in Sussex, and sing the song Fare Thee Well/The Turtle Dove/Ten Thousand Miles as they go all the way to where there's a group of Turtledoves and attempt to sing the song back to the birds.

Fascinating look at this contemplative tradition, with mystic/connective landscape links, along with knowledge hidden in songs.

So apart from politics today has mostly featured listening to lo-fi hip hop in the form of the infamous In Love With A Ghost (for example: "heart of the woods" as well as other lo-fi playlists from Ambition on Youtube.

There's just something chill about the style I really like some days, also as I was saying to a friend of mine its basically lo-fi culture to have androgyny, low key friend crushes, and cute hand holding in coffee shops, whats not to like?

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I am introducing the official currency of Mastodon, the Mastocoin, which does not exist and is therefore the best cryptocurrency

And it's all tied up with a charming framing device plot of a man telling his daughter a story to get her to go to sleep, about visiting his Uncle Fred one day and how that lead to exploring another world and the people he met and adventures he had.

So last night I finished an amazing little platformer called "A Story About My Uncle", it had everything I wanted, gentle learning curve, some tricky puzzles but nothing that made me rage quit (I came close, there's a lot of falling to your death), great music, and it's a nonviolent game about freedom of movement with a grappling hook and jumping.

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