Been circling around a thought about how we live in a time period wherein individuals are held to an incredibly high standard when it comes to self-sufficiency but also are not the authorities on their own personhood or bodies. Western humans are expected to trust their doctors and lawmakers instead of their instincts or own research when it comes to what is happening in their own bodies.

As an example, you can be in pain, go to the doctor, and be told you're not in pain because there's no reason for you to be in pain. And the narrative of You, gets written down in your chart not as someone who is in pain but as someone who claimed to be in pain when they weren't.

But also we are at the peak of "not asking for help"/not living as social animals. A mother is now expected to be the entire village it takes to raise a child.

Isn't that strange? The juxtaposition of our insistence on individuality with the axiom that we are all unreliable narrators when it comes to ourselves?

Pegasus spyware used against anti-corruption journalists in Mexico, despite govt promises


Medical appointment bullshit 

Call up my GP to try and find out WTF is going on.

While on call to my GP I get a voicemail from a different hospital to apologise for missing a *phone* appointment this morning that may have been from an actually useful service - but that I hadn't been told about at all. They say they'll reschedule the appointment I didn't know about in the first place.

Broadly: Fuck the tories for doing this to the NHS's organisational capabilities.


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Medical appointment bullshit 

Finally got a referral to talk to someone about food sensitivities (that has taken literally years), rock into the *video* appointment - it turns out to be a weight management clinic from a different CCG.

They can't see my records and don't work with patients physical area, or indeed the area of healthcare I actually need, but are very nice about it.


For the upgods
For the goth broads
And the dudes rocking dad bods
NB mathmos and peeps hosting weird pods
And a special one for hardworking fediverse mods


Hi, I just got here and am looking for recommendations.

Interests include: weird music, synthesizers, noise, genderfuckery, drag, queerdos, surrealism, subgenius, discordian, glitch art, dada, existentialism, telephony, phreaking, hacking, legacy systems, living off grid, gardening, politics, labor, privacy, election security, mutual aid, leftist media (print and radio), photography, distilling, herpetology/reptiles, philosophy, cats, and memes. you know, the usual.


The Elder Strolls: You play as an older person with a good pair of hiking boots and no heavy swords to bother yourself about, just a healthy draw towards exploring nature in Tamriel

Mild positive medical talk 

Hell yeah I paid someone money to stab me in the arm with chunks of virus until my body got so angry it threatened to punch it out next time I saw it.

By which I mean I got my annual flu jab pretty early this year so that was very organised of me.

2022 may not be the year of the Linux desktop.

I suppose instead we got “year of the Teledildonics Chess Scandal”.

#science This one is full of information! "Individuals with Down's Syndrome (DS) have three copies of chromosome 21, which includes the gene involved in the production of the amyloid precursor protein, resulting in an increased risk for an earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The goal of this study was to understand the relationship between engagement in moderate physical activity, memory, and hippocampal volume in adults with DS."

Read it and find out... 😁

The Story of Xenia - Linux's Forgotten Mascot!

Here is a gallery by @efi

Thanks to @xinjinmeng for bringing this up and @otto for the link to the gallery!

#Linux #Furry #Mascot #Tux #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Oops I took a little holiday from the fedi because life got exciting for a while. Back now :)

the mastodon instance at is retiring 

for a lot of reasons, both personal and practical, i don't think i can effectively run a public mastodon instance any more, and i need to retire i want to do this responsibly and make sure everyone has a chance to migrate and export properly, so here is the plan for the instance retirement (feel free to share this link around):

due to ongoing moderation load issues and understaffing, between now and 1 november, the instance may be undermoderated. for other instances, if this poses an issue for you, i encourage you to use federation tools at your discretion. i would only ask that you be clear and public about your decisions so that users can figure out where they will be able to migrate their accounts.

thank you

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