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Do not use zoom:

And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

#zoom #privacy #tracking #attention #facebook #sdk

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Oh hey. Comedic SF/F fiction recommendations? I need something to make me laugh.

I have already read and enjoyed H2G2, Discworld, Myth Adventures, Ebeneezum, and Space Opera. So those are out. :)

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"Excuse me, that's my familiar."

"You're quite mistaken. Triffle's been with me forever."

"Nice try, I know my Lunabean anywhere!"

The silvery vixen coughed lightly between them.

"I confess; I have been Familiar-ing for you both this whole time."

The wizards stared at her, mouths agape.

"There's a shortage of Familiars requiring us to multi-bond," she explained.

"What're you two doing with my Star-Nyte?"

"...A preposterous shortage."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

So today I saw the Modern Witch tarot, which features a truly unexpected 10 of Swords which I feel like i'm just going to use as an image reaction to a number of things:

Full details here

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D-Link and Linksys routers hacked to point users to malicious site pushing coronavirus-themed malware

- Attacks have been happening for more than a week
- Brute-force attack suspected as method of entry
- Final payload is the Oski infostealer

So today I was working to random relaxing lofi music online and got linked through to "chill beats to quarantine to" executive produced by Will Smith, which is unexpected.

So far it's proving to be a pretty good thing so far, although some of the early tracks have a little bit more ... higher end noise stuff than I'm used to, like more higher twiddly noises? Which is a bit distracting.

I am frustratingly light on words. Anyway its mostly really nice.

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Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

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covid, xr, ecofascism, advocating genocide 

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You can find shards of broken gods anywhere, though old temples are usually emptied. I found this in the forest, under a spruce. It smells of turpentine, of shadow, of green.
You never know what aspect is in a shard, but...
Here, smell it.
There, that's enough. Better?
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Some art, spotted in the back of a locked-down MoMA with big windows, during my state-mandated one outdoor exercise per day~

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Coronavirus / COVID-19 

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It's kinda soothing when folks introduce rhythm into the pandemonium of the Fedi with FineFemmeFriday, FridayFeelsRadio, MascMonday, Wenbiesday, ThickThighsThursday, etc.

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"Okay, here's the scenario. You are a crew member on a starship."
"Space travel is slow, you'll be stuck with your crewmates a long time."
"So we must get along."
"Yes. Communicate, listen, share limited resources."
"I can do that. What's the starship called?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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where are the #knitters of masto pls toot toot i wanna be your friend #knitting #knittersofmastodon
feel like a gran using tags on here tbh lol

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While you was studying the blade, I was studying good personal hygiene.

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Super Solidarity Strategy (adapt the hell out of this!) 

Yeah I super duper liked it when my unofficial (cis, male) assistant was invited to an online meeting instead of me for something I run. That made me feel super duper valued.

Luckily he name dropped me half a dozen times of "You should be involving X you know" so hopefully next time they'll actually talk to me.

(In return I name drop him to the bosses as "You really should be paying X more you know because he's working way above his pay grade")

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