Lyra & Pan from His Dark Materials! I actually almost gave up midway as some details bothered me too much but here it is. I read the books in 2005 and remember feeling so sad and uneasy when anything bad would happen to a daemon... Well I still do 😭
Lyra & Pan de À la Croisée des Mondes ! J'ai presque lâché le dessin à mi-chemin car des trucs me chiffonnent mais le voilà ! Je viens de regarder la série, 16 ans après avoir lu les livres...
#hisdarkmaterials #mastoart #illustration

Can open sometimes be too open? Here's a post about what the @gnome community wish it didn't do when deploying its @matrix instance, and how it's going to fix it.

Humanity can not be made equal by declarations on paper. Unless the material conditions for equality exist, it is worse than mockery to pronounce men equal.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

Sorry for the late post this week. We've been having a heatwave. Not great for someone who can't thermoregulate. :P
Here's the second portrait of this lovely, tabby boy! I'm especially pleased with this one. It took quite a while to get the shadows dark enough, but it was worth the struggle.

#mastoart #watercolor #traditionalart #cats

uk corruption capitalism 

it's so funny that the uk economy under capitalism requires an official designated semi-autonomous "Crime Zone"

Hey I got distracted from posting on the fedi. Basically because it was sunny and I did some safe distance walks with people and also got to walk this cutie dog and see wonderful landscapes and random sights like a grumpy duck.

Intensely recharging, very needed :)

Hi! My name is Danny but I also go by Skunk. I'm a Communication arts major at VCU studying with the goal of entering the games industry. I'm still very early into my education, but here is some of my work! #introduction #MastoArt #art #illustration

Investigative reporting on Telegram channels finds that yes, the 'no kink at pride' debate is being used as a wedge by the right.

“The mailbox, located near the entrance of the Amazon facility, has emerged as a key piece of evidence in a union bid to overturn the election results.”

*slaps roof of C buffera@0@(������
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