And I live and awaken!

I think the cold I've had all week has finally peaked and is receding, which is nice because today I have to get on a train and (a) it'd be nice to feel well as I travel and (b) it'd be good not to spread this plague.


This has lead to the information that it can be easier to work while feeling ill in a fluffy dressing gown at home than with all the busy distractions of the horrific open plan office (I had a spreadsheet that was urgent to update)

But I think we all knew that.

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@morix Clearly the next step in this experiment is fluffy dressing gown in the office.

@lancasterpilgrim or I carry out my threat to build a cave from camo netting, sadly neither of these options block the sound of everyone, the camo bet blocks people wandering up to me at random which would be nice.

@morix Office cave IS clearly superior to office cubicle, especially if you get some kind of firepit simulator loaded on a screen to REALLY throw anyone who ventures inside.

@lancasterpilgrim I hadn't considered the burning fire option... dammit this is starting to sound very tempting indeed.

"I have gazed into the future, a prophecy I forsee about the outcome of your ticket..."

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