Becky Chambers - Record of a Spaceborn Few 

Okay so I did the first one last year, saved the second for new year, and saved Record for when things got weird/grim/stressful enough and that time is now.

Made the mistake of "just reading a few more pages" last night before sleep and then hit the point where Sawyer dies and just ... wow I didn't really see it coming, except in retrospect it makes beautiful narrative sense (cont)

Becky Chambers - Record of a Spaceborn Few 

His last exchange with Oates fit that he got to die as not a bad kid but as someone who just wanted to fit in and was doing his best.

What made it beautifully sign posted for me was the clingboots - so the characters were walking through vacuum to scavenge from an exploded colony, and Sawyer had gotten his spacesuit on okay but was having trouble walking using the sticky boots because he wasn't used to it and had to be taught *while out there* (cont)

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Becky Chambers - Record of a Spaceborn Few 

And even at the time I was reading it I was wincing and thinking "daaaamn this is not the time and place to bring a newbie, this is not the environment to practice lax health and safety, I know this crew is being signposted as bad/shitty and this is part of it but holy hell this is dangerous"

And yeah, death by getting hit by an oxygen bubble when unlocking a door is the kind of thing that the spacers would just *know* but Sawyer wouldn't. (cont)

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Becky Chambers - Record of a Spaceborn Few 

So yeah, poor Sawyer I really felt for him, but also fantastic plotting, writing, and foreshadowing by use of boots of all things.

Still not at the end, but damn do I love these books so much. The actually realistic feeling and hopeful view of a possible feature without being preachy and without being silly and giving it no grit or grim or problems is glorious.

The most human scifi I've read in years, I just love this series.

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