meta, fic, pregnancy 

having a conversation about "eggpreg" while working from home today.

My objection is that this is not how eggs work at all. This is *incubation* not *pregnancy* and hence it should be tagged something else. Because its not preg dammit!

meta, fic, pregnancy 


I feel I want to defend this casual sloppiness of concepts but I do not actually want to do this enough to unpack my feelings on why “I’m eggnant” is a perfectly fine way to say “I am stuffed full of eggs”.


meta, fic, pregnancy 

@anthracite I admit that it has a bunch of useful wordplay, I have for example just shouted "No eggnancy!" in a continued discussion about this.

Like I'm not denying it could be hot but surely we can use eggcubation for this! :)

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