I have cake for but also I have a bowl of cake scrapings from my girlfriends cooking of cakes.

it is a good day to trans.

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Is this a day when people make cakes for transes, or when transes make cake, or when all transes are revealed to actually be cake?

Because I sure do like cake.

@anthracite it's a thing that grew out of a frustrated blog post in 2017, to quote:

"instead of us doing all the work, people (especially cis people, I feel!) give cake to their trans friends and family to show them how appreciated they are ... a birthday for every trans person to celebrate together at the same time, and be showered with goodness by people who care about us."

So making cakes for us/each other but preferably cis people giving us cake. Spread the word :)


I definitely like the idea of "hey trans people are cool" as a thing to celebrate instead of "oh god so many trans people get killed"!

@anthracite Yup, I was idly speculating years back we should take over somewhere around midsummer because its kinda the opposite side of the year from TDOR and instead do a whole sun-renewal-celebration thing. But eh it was idle speculation.

Trans Cake Day has celebration and cake and actual traction so much better :)


The next step is a general celebration of transness so that the cis folks start associating us with a party! Like how St. Patrick's Day has become an excuse to get drunk on green beer (at least in the US), and maybe learn a bit about Irish history along with it. I dunno how we're gonna make pink/blue striped beer though.

@anthracite pink/blue/white alternating shots perhaps? one of those fancy layered cocktails you have to pour slow to avoid mixing density of drink?

I kind of assume some of this is done at Pride, I certainly do party outreach around the Lammas/BBQ/Paella cook off party my girlfriend throws annually (because alcohol means people get brave for questions/flirting)

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