Finished the first version of my project - decorating cheap keycaps with nail art stickers (and then a couple of coats of spray varnish to hopefully make them actually last).

I think I've mostly got the distribution nice enough that it has a sort of organic look, and filled in keys with exposed sides with more stickers to give a sort of continuity.

Has spruced up the cheap at the second desk a little and given me sort of aesthetically pretty feels :)

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@anthracite I am super impressed by it! I had the idea a while back and its been sort of peculating in my brain while I idly shopped for stickers and waited on them to be posted and did a few experiments etc.

And then it actually looks spiffy which as someone who often sucks at making aesthetically pretty things is very satisfying :)

Just hoping I got the right amount of spray varnish to keep it intact for a while (hoping 1-2 years before touchup) this also let me adjust texture which was fun


Oooh being able to play with the texture of a normally super smooth thing like a key cap is not an angle I thought of. I could see a little texture feeling really nice.

Man the last time I did anything beyond “putting stickers on the laptop cover” was like 199x when I painted my Amiga 2000 in zebra stripes. Including one edge that deliberately crossed a drive eject button, which I painted to match.

@anthracite Yeah mostly I just put some stickers on things but 2020 had me reexamining my computing environments for the first time in too long and wanting to customise things and make them actually nice.

I initially started this plan because the keycaps that came with that keyboard were smooth to the point of occasionally giving awful little squeaks below my fingertips, I hadn't planned the texture thing and possibly could have saved the original caps with a quick spray.

@anthracite I've been using Montana Gold Tech spray (because my actual arty gf suggested it/lent me some as she reckoned it'd do okay with the plastic)

So far my experiments suggest a couple of coats of gloss give a fairly normal level of key feel, gloss+matte = subtle texture (currently using), matte*2 = more texture. I've got some high grit sandpaper in case I want to add a little more polish.

Early days yet, but 2 coats seems to mostly obscure sticker feel which is nice.

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