Fuck yes finally got my first injection of Science! into my arm booked.

Now I prepare to get fucking wrecked by side effects just in case it happens. Oh while I'm having a really busy week of stuff hard to reschedule. Great. Still worth it :)

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Good luck!

My Pfizer experience: just low-key meh for a day after the first does, second dose had me fine for the whole next day, thought I was fine, then it hit me hard that night and ate a lot of the next day.

@anthracite unsure what I'll be getting, probably AZ because its the UK.

I watched it wreck a partner for a couple of days and I've shit to do a couple of days afterwards sooooooo yeah hoping to score the low key meh, that I can just dose up on paracetamol and get through with laying in bed :)

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