I've always had it in the back of my head that I'd love to make a 4-or-so hour long film broken up with vignettes of full songs in the soundtrack with no dialogue at all during which reality is ever-so slightly twisted but not enough that it doesn't feel too out of place. Like characters hinted at but not plausibly moving to music that's not dancing, or striking un-natual poses like statues as the music plays while looking straight down the lens but otherwise the whole film is *fully* super real


@Shrigglepuss so instead of magical realism as a genre you seek to make *musical realism* :)

I'll get my coat and all that.

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@morix Yeah! It would be a soooort of musical of sorts. A kind of film/music playlist of sorts where the film pauses and a song plays out a representation of that part of the story, but fully outside of the story not on top of it. I don't even know, but I'd love to see it

@morix Maybe the only soundtrack should be these moments, and no music at all outside of them

@Shrigglepuss so music that only comes from within the scene but then sort of spawns a slightly stylised but not full musical numbers section while it plays out? I could see that.

Also this is strongly reminding me of doing theatre stuff when younger and being taught about Brecht :)

@morix Yeah that works too! Not exactly what I was thinking though. I was thinking sort of time-outs like a musical intermission to sit and take in what's happened up to now with a relevant song while a character is literally just sleeping, or posing like a heavily staged photograph, or a sequence of shots of a location with 0 action at all, or the editing or lighting is more music video-y compared to outside of the music sequences

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