Finished another bit of fun crafting and this time it's for meeeeeeeee, really happy with the neatness of the knots and general vibe of the thing, although I may redo it to swap out the first two large marker beads after the start of the loop for adding weight and bulk without much use.

Oh it's an IC set of meditation/prayer beads for a LARP. But also it's a fiddle.

This morning I had this cat come sit on my back and purr loudly to remind me breakfast existed while I was trying to sleep. Can't really blame her for her catness, but she is cute about it.

Looking after someone's cat for a bit, yay house is now catty, look at this pretty and neurotic kitty

Met an extremely friendly kitty while out on a nighttime wander, approached bravely, twined around legs, and then rolled over for fuss, then went to investigate a bush for something to nibble on. 10/10 kitty encounter.

One of the useful things I did was picking a bunch of raspberries for my girlfriend from the garden (she has the growing things skills but not always the harvesting things energy) so yeah, tasty snacks for later :)

Went to see the local Meercats and managed to capture a picture of the changing of the guard, the one on top is the fresh one, the other two were a bit lower down keeping an eye out - but managed to get all 3 looking up at once :)

Hey I got distracted from posting on the fedi. Basically because it was sunny and I did some safe distance walks with people and also got to walk this cutie dog and see wonderful landscapes and random sights like a grumpy duck.

Intensely recharging, very needed :)

Also is operational now and like you should probably go grab your nicknames and channels there.

Today featured unpredicted sunshine, so went and did a little outdoor yoga in the ruins of a local observatory, then had a little picnic and fed the ducks. Very nice time had by all.

When you're a religious figure, but someone absolutely needs to get in the sea.

(one from my recent walking adventures a partner and their family where I got to play tour guide a little in the area)

So how am I dealing with the pandemic at the mo?

Today I took a long exploring drive of parts of the local area, pausing to explore and reconnect with the land.

Also had a lovely charming roleplaying session about someone else's problems.

and I just cashed in 700+ cells in a single Dead Cells run.

yup doing the things to get by.

Food: Coffee 

This morning's experiment (prepping for the return of LARP season) - cowboy coffee.

Following which refers to

Used 30g of coffee to about 500ml of water. I found that gave about two half cups that when topped up with hot water was just very smooth and strong.

I think in a taller pot I wouldn't have needed a filter but in a saucepan it really made it easier to keep the grounds out, still there wasn't much in the filter.

pagany woo, landscape 

So today did a second round of a thing we're experimenting with locally - online connected distant but local walks.

So a handful of types all on a shared discord call wandering as their feet take them (with a couple resting in homes), poking about and communing with local and gently chatting and sharing pics.

It's fascinating that both times people have gone different directions than intended and also we've had overlaps between the experiences.

Finished the first version of my project - decorating cheap keycaps with nail art stickers (and then a couple of coats of spray varnish to hopefully make them actually last).

I think I've mostly got the distribution nice enough that it has a sort of organic look, and filled in keys with exposed sides with more stickers to give a sort of continuity.

Has spruced up the cheap at the second desk a little and given me sort of aesthetically pretty feels :)

I am testing various transfers, stickers, and varnishes for decorating cheap keycaps and seeing what holds up. Preliminary tests are gloss coats with a matte topper could be a win but I'll know more with use.

Also it means I have a delightfully mismatched backspace at the moment as it's my numpad zero. It actually feels kinda nice.

Went out for a walk guided by some work with Elen of the Ways today, it's hard to convey how beautiful I find the bay, although I could have done without the snow and ice on my side of it.

Was interesting to be in touch with others doing similar working via voice while it was going on. We were remote but close, able to talk about how we felt through our own contact with exploring the paths of the world.

Today I redid a desktop fiddle. New darker beads at the middle/quarter points to make it easier to grab and slide chunks of it around that line up more pleasingly (beads slide if pushed, not under gravity). Swapped a few beads to make the chunks more evenly sized.

The bottom moveable bead is now a textured Hotei face I had laying around which is interesting under fingers, although (may switch again soon) and it now has a fixed bead at the end which is a nice grab point to spin/flip it around.

Today there is snow outside (although I think its melting away) and I had a really compelx and interesting oolong tea and I'm now debating between a long hot shower, making a fiddly thing, or playing video games briefly before going to a mostly online (except for the people in my household) party.

This is actually pretty fucking good.

Have a picture of dramatic snow from yesterday :)

Today I took a mug of tea and did a short drive early in the morning to a quiet bit of beach nearby where I could be assured of dodging people, it was cold but crisp and glorious to behold and me and a partner walked along and chatted in the fresh air.

Then I went home and cleaned the bath, it was warm and damp, but glorious when it was done.

So suddenly it snowed lightly, which was a fucker because I was in the other part of the bubble I'm part of.

On the upside the short walk back to the other house was gloriously scenic if cold.

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