Why does my cheapie Jinhao 992 not supply ink to the nib? oh upon inspection it's because I don't think the nib slit joins up to the breather hole and I think its supposed to? (although googling around is not giving me very revealing answers, looking at spare nibs this one is maybe right???).

I am now wondering if I have a drill bit fine enough to take a shot at fixing this/changing it.

Its gloriously warm weather, I am having to work on lots of little jobs that have built up - while my cats nap.

I am hence planning on following their example and making a definite lunch break where I chill out, outside, with a salad and hopefully a little 5 minute nap.

But first I have to get to that point...

One of the fun things about as a hobby is how sometimes you get in character post between events and some people just got that extra step for making it pretty. Awesome wax seal that survived the post and everything :)


So I was getting bored of making very similar sandwiches every day (especially since gluten free bread is fucking expensive) so I've basically just been chopping stuff up and making a bowl of salad then having a little bread with it on the side.

So yeah, pretty proud of how hardcore delicious my lunch looked today, a little goats cheese on the bread, a little mayo and black pepper for an improvised dressing, the lettuce was hiding a bunch of tomatoes, peppers, and olives. Good stuff :)

Also its one of those yearly festival things this weekend (Beltane specifically) so I took myself out to the beach with a partner and we had tea and porridge, listened to the birds, and watched the tide come in a bit and generally felt the wind and air.

Lovely :) May wind up doing more active things later in the weekend but I quite like this sort of gentle communing with the land and sea.

Got to go see some intensely pretty chunks of landscape and get some fresh air lately which was glorious.

West lakes and Cumbrian coast can be glorious scenic and bleak at turns.

Well that was a fucking slog, but totally made it through 2021.

Last year I had more of a plan and only had to skip one scene or so to hit wordcount and time and it all kind of flowed smoothly.

This year I had done basically no prep, and had some vague ideas but then shit got deep and I wrote like half the plot then sliiiiiid over the last half in the last 2 days to hit time/wordcount.

A good experience worth doing. Also fixed my writing environment more :)

Today I discovered and added hl-sentence-mode to my (github.com/milkypostman/hl-sen).

It's got a few bugs (interacting with folded org sections) that I'll fix later, but having that additional bit of focus on the current sentence really helped my evening to not write ridiculous run on sentences and really make each serve a better point, suprisingly effective.

I've been busy and not tooting. This has included driving a van for some friends over 800 miles and also seeing a tiny relative for the first time.

And I got cats! look at the cuties! They've been doing all the normal cautious cat adapting to their environment things like - giving no fucks, jumping up on everything, screaming for attention, playfighting, and complaining that when they climb on things literally to the ceiling they can't get higher.

So cute!

Managed to scrub up the burner and brasso it, even managed to get the O-ring out - although it was pretty knackered but I'm hoping some oil will help replenish it (it's had a couple of thin coats and seems to be drinking it).

weirdly the snuffer/simmer ring is the most corroded, I think the turnable part has been trapping cruft against the base part?

The internet offered me a good deal on am old and seemingly well loved trangia. Seller had 10 or so so I'm guessing one of the youth camping orgs is refreshing it's stock.

My weekend fun project is probably cleaning water scale and associated cruft out of this kit and then making a cup of tea, also brassoing the shit out of that burner oh my word. It's clearly been used with kinda bad smelling meths and generally I prefer cleaner bioethanol so this will be education for me.

Picked up some cheap new small plates and of course had to include these two silly ones so I can crack a "The two genders!" joke.

My girlfriend of course decided she is a robot spider ballarina based on this.

Having just a time of this phase of the pandemic and work and general life stress.

But totally managed to go out walking with some peeps and a cute dog in just the most absolutely dramatic magical hillsides with the deepest bits of limestone pavement I've ever seen.

Also some geocaching got done :)

Finished another bit of fun crafting and this time it's for meeeeeeeee, really happy with the neatness of the knots and general vibe of the thing, although I may redo it to swap out the first two large marker beads after the start of the loop for adding weight and bulk without much use.

Oh it's an IC set of meditation/prayer beads for a LARP. But also it's a fiddle.

This morning I had this cat come sit on my back and purr loudly to remind me breakfast existed while I was trying to sleep. Can't really blame her for her catness, but she is cute about it.

Looking after someone's cat for a bit, yay house is now catty, look at this pretty and neurotic kitty

Met an extremely friendly kitty while out on a nighttime wander, approached bravely, twined around legs, and then rolled over for fuss, then went to investigate a bush for something to nibble on. 10/10 kitty encounter.

One of the useful things I did was picking a bunch of raspberries for my girlfriend from the garden (she has the growing things skills but not always the harvesting things energy) so yeah, tasty snacks for later :)

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