So today I was carving pumpkins with a number of people over discord, when asking for suggestions it was suggested the "judges" for the contest were some kids someone knew who maybe liked dinosaurs.

But I also kinda wanted to carve a spooky pumpkin face, so I had the idea of carving a dinosaur menacing a tiny pumpkin :)

Tools used: One kitchen knife, one lid from a biro, one cocktail stick to help hold the pumpkin in place (I carved too deep)

I have cake for but also I have a bowl of cake scrapings from my girlfriends cooking of cakes.

it is a good day to trans.

As mentioned the other day I had a fun evening/lunchtime twiddling session and produced org-roam-gev-text-graph-mode which uses Perl's Graph::Easy module to parse the dot output from org-roam into ascii-art.

This means you can make it spit out your org-roam graph into an emacs buffer and by default it will try and rewrite the output to insert org [[file:/path/to/file][title]] style links and make everything clickable.

Untested on big/real data sets...

Had an adventure to Chester Zoo today, kept a bunch of distance, wore masks, app checked in, so much alcohol gel. Hopefully helped make a sorta nephew happy, also saw many animals and enjoyed the quiet.

Last adventure until spring I suspect, or at least a while.

Food pictures, group eating 

Got to do a mabon meal with the bubbled polycule in which my non-fediverse girlfriend made an epic stuffed pumpkin and savory cornbread for me and the @dragon

Was a quieter one than normal but also very tasty, the pumpkin was a new experiment and it came out well.

Had a couple of days of socially distant geocaching with people and saw some very green and damp scenary, now my boots are drying off so everyone here can have some pretty landscape I tromped through.

So today I had a day off, I spent some time in town, bumped into someone I hadn't seen in ages and had a nice socially distant chat, took some photographs and did some housework.

Most of the day was however spent dinking around in Emacs (I mostly use vim) and learning how to write a minor mode to give metoffice weather forecasts neatly on the modeline.

Some of the hacks I did were pretty hideous but it was fun coding something kinda pointless for personal discovery and amusement :)

Oh and in weird news I was putting the kettle on for some tea a couple of days ago and suddenly this small pink bead was bouncing on the tiles at my feet.

Logically I know it must have been on the counter and I knocked it off putting the kettle back.

Magically however no one in the house recognises it as coming from anything, I didn't see it there, and it appeared bouncing vertically up and down as it was straight dropped from the ceiling. So yeah my kitchen spawned a bead.

Food, also Warrior Nun very slight spoilers 

In happier news I roasted a teeny bit of pork for me and the GF I live with (who doesn't fedi) and for the first time in several roasts I managed to get the crackling to actually properly crackle.

Fuck yes it was amazing just look at this.

We ate it while watching Warrior Nun and daaaaamn that has show has some spicy gay subtext, I hope the writers get to make it text. Also its cheesy as fuck I'm loving it.

Today's adventures involved walking along damp kinda muddy sand, walking in the sea, and sticking my feet in a running river.

Understandably my pair of old tatty sandals is now hanging up in the sun to dry.

UKpol, covid, government policy snark 

So the new signs and gently vague slogan/instructions neatly fit a lot of haiku. Do with this information what you will.

The Midnight Gospel 

So I just finished watching The Midnight Gospel on netflix, which seems to be partially surreal animation from Pendleton Ward and the episodes are heavily based on interviews from a podcast done by Duncan Trussell and its just ... very good and fascinating but alternatively heavy and surreal and deep and beautiful.

Just 8 episodes and all about meditation, magic, death, and life with Clancy acting as our example. Just look at this sorta spoiler free screenshot for example

Food mention 

So I've been a bit quiet because the whole Situation(tm) is kinda big and hardcore, although I am keeping afloat and keeping in touch with humans.

Anyway here's a weird piece of Chocolate Egg Day noms that I had. Is it a weird alien insect creature? Or a Monkey?

oh, and here's a picture for clarity, description should cover everything

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I also had an accidentally long walk in the local waterpark with my girlfriend, there was gentle desolation. Also it was boggy underfoot

Today I sort of managed to sort of bodge the start of nalbinding chain stitch. I remain convinced it's not *that* complex but that it's hard to video and show all the angles

So today the weather was fabulously misty and I indulged in trying to frame artful shots while not being very camera artful. This is also partially because one of my partners is travelling and wanted pics of my days :)

Where I usually have lunch is frequented by magpies, normally one keeps watch from the roofline while the over scavenges and pootles around in the grass, today however they both sat on the roof peering then took off for other spots. But I did get a pic :)

Wandering back into the office earlier netted me some glorious winter sunshine and I managed to get a whole tree shadow thing going on

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