Today me and @dragon totally found a still working lighthouse. I only made one reference to Annihilation which I think was restrained.

So this lunch time was glorious weather and I took the opportunity to go see the new (and slightly scruffy) rescue chickens down at the eco hub on campus, they were mostly inside but a few came out to explore, also saw the older rescues who have had more time to recover, the contrast is huge.

Left the office to lighter blue skies and bird noises, I'm glad the light is starting to return as the year goes on.

Ticket inspector on the train today has the best stamp for marking tickets

Today in cleaning a fountain pen adventures there was this fabulous ink swirl

Meanwhile, the view out of my office window is fantastic :)

Working through the awesome Read Only Memory 2064 and found this awesome aside from one of the characters:)

Also yesterday featured this awesome example of paint spillage amongst others. Actually the brightness really livened up that chunk of path

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