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Lewd-adjacent geometry 

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D/s (Data/science) mention 

Today I reminded myself just how good the Doom 2016 reboot is, I'm still playing through it for the first time (because I lag behind a lot of games) and its just really tight, like the fights are tight, the levels are tight, everything fits neatly together without feeling like there's wiggly loose bits.

So yes if you like running between mini arenas and shooting demons in the face a whole bunch then give it a try.

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Attention #Mastodon sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.

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"Mum, are there any new fairy tales?"
"Yes, many writers write fairy tales."
"No, like, stories that you tell kids to teach them not to do stupid things."
"Oh, I see. There are a few. And one that really happened."
"Settle down, I'll tell the story of Leeroy Jenkins..."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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UK pol, the bbc 

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I'm $140 away from having to make my own tarot deck

I'm thinking black and white aesthetics with gilt edges....

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"the Orcish language" is a fucked idea. accepting the premise that at least some linguistic communities center around a population of a 'race', there is no fucking way that all orcs speak the same language. where are the orcs who speak a creole of East Coast Common, Bitterwaste Elvish, New Dunbar East Orcish, & Downslopes Firehills Halfling and consider themselves coethnic with the halflings alongside whom they were once enslaved before they rebelled together & established an independent state?

@TamOcello it's tempting but I'd need to stack a pile of samples up, postage was about $15 on top last time I checked the FAQ, still could be worth it

@TamOcello I've just found that The Writing Desk ( does a bunch of ink samples including Monteverde, but sadly not the Rose Noir, I may have to go poke about looking for more exciting sheening ink samples next time I get paid (although I'm currently involved in lengthy industrial action so next pay may just be hugged for being precious).

Also yay, nice to find someone else who enjoys the fascinating writing sticks

@anthracite that makes sense for usage (mechanically measurably precise) but yeah it looked like a it'd be fiddly. I know what you mean on the guilt of throwing away used pens without refills, but also yeah they tend to be less maintaince faff. I guess it depends if maintaining and babying them is worth the hassle it brings for the reusability.

I've heard that ultrasonic cleaners are the right tool for this sort of old sac pen that defeated me, but this is the only one I've ever worked on :)

@TamOcello Monteverde Rose Noir? if so I'm actually surprised how much I like the look of it, those are some beautiful shades. I've not tried the Robert Order stuff but I've heard good things.

I've been pondering the Sailor Studio inks because the 123 and one of the 2xx seems a nice blue with good shading, but it's taken a while to find somewhere that has reasonable prices in the UK.

I basically need to find somewhere that sells samples here, there used to be a good eBayer but they closed :(

@TamOcello I've seen a lot of people talking about the J. Herbim Emerald of Chivor and I'm basically iffy on greens sometimes but I can see it being interesting, the Blue Pearl looks quite nice and yeah I agree on silver/gold splits, although I pondered getting some exciting red/gold shimmery for festive stuff :)

@anthracite I mean I own some nice/classy pens (letter writing, journalling use) but by and large the things I've been using most for all those quick work/RPG notes and todo lists in the past 6 months have been stuff like Jinhao 51a and the Wingsung 601 or 613 (I've been really liking hooded nibs lately) all of which are silly cheap and surprisingly better than expected. The only one I forsee being a git to clean is the 601 (which I only got for retro style funsies)

(oops enthusiastic rant)

@anthracite also I have never used a rapidograph and what the hell kind of design is that. I may have to investigate further.

@anthracite Weirdly I use fountain pens most of the time for writing, but for dream journalling I have a nice smooth ballpoint clipped to the book, I don't think I trust my morning brain not to get ink on the sheets carelessly.

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