Harrow The Ninth 

@anthracite I was also super interested by all the hints of beyond the River, like the idea that the Lyctors just don't know and don't look, but Abigail Pent has some ideas and wants to experiment. I'm just wondering what if the Necromancy is accidentally keeping the souls in the River which is why they're so pissed off as normally they'd progress onwards? What if the Stoma eat resurrection beasts and Lyctors in an effort to cleanse the River and return it to normal function?

Harrow The Ninth 

@anthracite Judging from the series so far I predict that said person will not actually know enough to be useful at first and everyone will be like "But you're supposed to know! You're bloody Alecto!" and we'll have another glorious several hundred page romp.

Also I secretly wanted Harrow/Mercymorn because I think it would have been amazing hate-sex but I love all of Harrows hangups and obsession with The Body

Harrow The Ninth 

@anthracite just finished it and I was not expecting it to accelerate so hard. I'm interested what was really going on with John's Lyctor process and why he didn't try and help others replicate it (was it a power grab? Was the outcome actually worse than Mercy and Augustine thought?)

I'm also waiting to see what state Gids and Harrow are in for Book 3 and who was doing CPR on Gids and also the fucking chip shop what the fuck even.

I may need a slower re-read of the end.

I have finally made it through Harrow the Ninth and hence cannot be spoilered any more, I can now breath a sigh of relief and talk to other people about it.

A billion or more Android devices are vulnerable to hacks that can turn them into spying tools by exploiting more than 400 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, researchers reported this week. arstechnica.com/information-te

laying in the darkness of bed watching continuous lightning flashes out the window, I don't think I've ever seen anything like this - constant flickering for what feels like an hour

Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
➡️ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population

so I guess I'm here at my desk wiping powdered bone off my fingertips again.

nsfw, dragons, kink 

@Metaph this seems to make petting my Dragon extremely complicated, which bit do I pet first?

"Master Control Program's been snapping up all us programs who believe. If he thinks you're useful, he takes over all your functions so he gets bigger. And if he can't use you, he sends you down here to the game grid to get the bits blasted out of you."

So, basically, systemd.

Back to trying to teach myself nalbinding. Attempting to get the tension right and stop it twisting weirdly is almost as hard as never accidentally getting the wrong loop and buggering it up. I think I've found a tutorial that makes sense to my brain this time.

I'm just weirdly drawn to the idea of crafting where I can patch on bits of wool metre by metre and the tool I need I can easily carve/replace myself.

What a gem of a post. So many thoughts, so many stories, so many conversations possible.


Coronavirus / COVID-19 

@cassolotl my understanding from friendly public health nerds talking about this is that this is part of the standard governmental powers from some combination of Public Health (Control of Disease Act) 1984 and Health and Social Care Act 2008 - and that basically they wouldn't *actually* do it for corona virus as you can just lock the place up for a week and maybe spritz it with bleach and it'll be fine.

So I think someone got over excited that it could be done by the gov

I've finally got my new site up and running where I can put all my weird apocalypse stuff. It’s hideous and I love it very much.


what IS clear to me is that the regulation of masculinity in this way — "everything good and sweet is under suspicion of being gay" — leaves a lot of men with the spiritual equivalent of fingernails bitten to the quick; life is painful, especially where touching is involved. and they deserve to heal, to touch and be touched without fear or coercion or suspicion

part of a healthier masculinity is learning to relax about the possibility that something you're doing could be gay

open source farming robot!

this is so cool. If this sort of thing became commonplace, then people could grow their own food with a lower dedicated time.
Also this would be great for less able bodied people wishing to grow their own food.

#solarpunk #SolarpunkDIY


@drwho nice I'll have to add this to my list for if I'm in that kind of mood.

If you like this kind of soundscape I also recommend the Electric Sheep, Implanted Memories, and Alpha Omega sounds from MyNoise.

Here's one I made earlier laying cityscapes with future noises mynoise.net/superGenerator.php as I really like the effects you can get by doing overlays of the generators on this site.

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