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Hacker targets Ohio snitch-line set up for employers to report workers who do not return to work because of #COVID19 safety concerns (in order to kick them off unemployment). File this under play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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I feel like I am quoting Maciej Cegłowski's "The Website Obesity Crisis" every other week at this point, but it's such a super-condensed source of white-hot truth and insight that I don't feel bad:

"Let’s commit to the idea that as computers get faster, and as networks get faster, the web should also get faster."

This is the most obvious and natural idea in the world, but somehow it's a genuinely radical position. I think the battle is lost on the web, but if you start again and only put in what you need you just arrive by default at a situation of what feels like breakneck speed.

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If you are going to crime, do not discuss your crime online. Do not videoblog your crime. Do not livetweet your crime. Do not. Just. Don't.
It's embarrassing for everyone, especially for you.
(Brought to you by a couple news headlines recently.)

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sometimes i think about all those people who genuinely believe that being biologically male or female affects things like your emotional depth or ability to moderate your emotional reactions

and then i think about how when Rationalism hit Europe there was an abrupt 180 from "women are unfit for leadership because they are Cold and Incapable of being Sufficiently Passionate" to "women are unfit for leadership because they are Emotional and Incapable of being Sufficiently Rational"

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'Is that ...? Here, girl! Come here!' He patted his knees.

A speck against the moon spiralled toward him. Upturned nose quivering. Long ears twitching.

It hit his chest in a mess of leathery wings and pinprick claws. 'Oh good girl,' he said, stroking it behind the ears. It vibrated happily and climbed up his shirt to nuzzle his chin.

'You're such a good girl. Here.' He took a twig from his pocket and flung it out into the night. 'Fetch!'

It flapped wildly after it.

#microfiction #TootFic

You, a coward: Python doesn't have a switch statement

Me, a modern-day Galileo:

TIL that anarchists read so much theory that cops find it difficult to infiltrate our circles

That didn't take long. "Spyware merchant NSO Group didn't password protect a backend server for their #COVID19 contact-tracing system...and it had a breach" Luckily it appears to have been used for testing purposes.

Starting a weekly clap for landlords in lieu of paying them rent, after all that works for NHS workers

So tonight I got basically nothing done besides socialling *but* totally did some sewing I'd wanted to get done for ages, behold fixing stuff badly with thread once more!


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