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police abolition resource 

Verso Books is making the ebook of Alex Vitale’s “The End Of Policing” available free at

I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard good things about this book so I’m going to start soon.

"Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone"

"It is proposed that this article be deleted because of the following concern:

Not backed up by reliable, established sources. WP:TOOSOON to have a separate article." 😂

okay i just want to point out that bundle is 1500 games now

that was not a typo

you better be paying more than $5 for this

Some more comics from the neverending days. I used to have a lot of nightmares about covid19 in the early days but not so much these days. I still think I've caught it pretty often though.

#comics #coronadiaries #autobiocomics #journal #comic #art #dailycomics

Everything wrong with Discord in 5000 words or less.

Please boost. Please move off Discord. Please take your friends with you.

I can make edits upon request.

Right wing bronies hate my "No Cops, Only Clops" t-shirt. Also everyone else hates it too.

Well of Loneliness / Story of O - fan theory 

I suddenly realised - what if Stephen Gordon at the end of The Well of Loneliness stays in France, then at about the right point in the 50s/60s inhabits the persona of Sir Stephen from The Story of O and has spent the intermediary time creating and running Roissy and its associated systems.

Timeline about works, can't recall if we ever get a detailed naked description of Sir Stephen. What if Story of O could secretly be gayer and more gender bending

Thread from Black Lives Matter UK on protests here, coronavirus precautions and other related advice

My kickstartered copy of the ebook of "Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, & Dragons"( just arrived via email.

This whole subject area was just too glorious and over the top not to back, so now I look forward to dipping into that soon to find out what even the hell it contains (currently reading 99 Erics (although book time last night was cut into by a support call (which is okay because I care for that person but dammit I'd gone to bed to read!)))

i know things are starting to happen in the UK again. please remember that a lot of police forces work with the DWP and will pass on information about disabled activists attending protests and demonstrations. the DWP can and will use attending protests as "evidence" that you shouldn't be receiving disability benefits.

Apparently 4chan is planning to spam social media with fake LGBT accounts to try and create anti-queer sentiment.

#mastoadmin types, keep your eyes open. I’m setting reg back to “ask me for an invite code” as a start, personally.

uk pol 

shit. this is cruel and brutal even from a government from which we've come to expect brutal cruelty

a whole lot of very ill, vulnerable people have been unceremoniously kicked off the shielding list. among other things, this removes their access to food parcels. no warning, no consultation, just "you're on your own with immediate effect"

i guess with all the effort they're putting into shielding one sick little boy, there's none left for anyone else?

fuck this government. they deserve only pain.

heads-up to Livejournal folx: got an email about a breach from a few years ago that just got publicized. Email accounts and plaintext passwords.

- 🦊 ✏️

uspol, birdsite (+) 

Holy fuckballs, Twitter is adding fact-check warnings to some of Trump’s tweets now.

He is of course now totally furious at Twitter.

She-Ra season 5, end 

okay so I'm up to date, my queer little heart is aflame, and holy fucking shit was that happy happy dream/fantasy sequence a fucking Evangelion reference?

did you fall from heaven? because holy shit you have like 20 eyes and 3 sets of wings Are You Okay

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