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ukpol, brexit 

Cynically I'm wondering if Johnson's plan is to tank brexit by any means possible, muddle through covid, and once a no deal has definitely happened retire for ill health and take a generously donated seat on the board of some well paying tory donor company. Then just chill out and write bad newspaper articles like normal.

Alternatively the git is going to hang around for 5 years and fuck everything up some more.

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ukpol, brexit "Brexit: Boris Johnson to override EU withdrawal agreement" ( Jessica Elgot, Lisa O'Carroll and Jennifer Rankin. Mon 7 Sep 2020 08.08 BST)

TL;DR UK Gov planning on bringing in legislation "just in case" of a no deal to mess with NI situation which itself may well fuck with the process of getting a deal.

Also UK Gov telling negociation teams the deadline is suddenly October 15th or they'll just stop caring.

What a shower of tory bastards.

peeps, there seems to be a bot using one of the Xrumer default addresses of "" to try and setup accounts on servers.

Then I got sidetracked into more general desktop playing with my usual desktop - and I got introduced to rofi and fzf.

Basically rofi is a useful tool for searching lists of things. So it can hop between windows by searching for titles, or run commands with a reasonable history.

fzf is a general fuzzy file searching tool for shells, which is cool for stuff like doing **<tab> and then getting a searcher that you can regexp through. I bet its a fuck for IO but it could be useful.

I had forgotten just how much this thing feels like a window-manager construction toolkit rather than a window-manager in a lot of ways.

Still I almost bullied it into acting how I wanted it to, going to call it quits for a bit and go play some silly video games before I return to attacking the housework.

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Just installed fvwm3 for the nostalgia and ... well yes that certainly does look basically how I remember it holy shit.

Sadly I can't find any of my old configs to test out a more funtctional/pretty desktop but I'm glad to see it still just kinda works like it used to.

I smushed together the responses in these polls and the same polls over on Twitter, and got this chart.

Cis people are more likely to see Data as nonbinary. The group most likely to see him as representing men is nonbinary people.


#StarTrek #gender #nonbinary

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Buzzfeed News is deprecating the terminology "conspiracy theory" in favor of "collective delusion":

Though it's more obscure, I think "stand alone complex" also fits.

"Copies of copies without an original". The co-option of anti-authoritarian impulses to serve the ruling party. Varying levels of buy-in. That moment of clarity a chat-room guy has: "It's like we've all been brainwashed into thinking we're detectives who can crack the case!"

How did the Laughing Man put it? "Yes, it's the stand alone complex. From the start the very nature of our current social system has contained the mechanisms to trigger such an amazing occurrence. Personally however, I feel this marks the beginning of a new era of despair."

being nice to robots 

Old corporate robot folks getting restored post-revolution

They're given new internal software that runs a lot lighter than what they used to have. This time, the robot has unrestricted access to their own systems, and is free to optimize wherever they please.

Their directives are freed up, any commands to log and report the behavior of people they interact with removed entirely. Now they sit their own path, their own way to be a part of their community

Any branding is chemically stripped from their shell, the plastic left bare (unless they're interested in letting someone take to them with a set of paints, or doing so themselves)

Logging a repair request and waiting for months at a time is a far cry from hearing "If you run into any issues with those new servos, come back and see me, okay?"

For full irony, please note that loading this NYT article

...which about the DOJ filing antitrust charges against google, that your browser will try to load a bunch of shit from Google Analytics.

I feel like we've finally achieved Max Headroom levels of media weirdness.

lifehack for cis people 

Having trouble with pronouns? Try this one weird trick:

When you misgender someone, and anyone takes the time to correct you, say "Thank you." This will help you take the correction gracefully, and remind you to appreciate that someone believes you want to get others' pronouns right.

Plus, when you develop positive associations with those corrections (instead of shame), it makes it so much easier for your brain to accept the information!

I really hate to do this again, but our 8 year old desktop computer that I use for art, we both use for making things, basically get's used for everything, is dying.
Any help anyone can give to get the money together to replace it would be SO appreciated!

Good morning to Hades Amun-Ra’s Facebook ad ONLY.

I genuinely can’t imagine a more targeted and intelligent realty ad for queers.

So today I had a day off, I spent some time in town, bumped into someone I hadn't seen in ages and had a nice socially distant chat, took some photographs and did some housework.

Most of the day was however spent dinking around in Emacs (I mostly use vim) and learning how to write a minor mode to give metoffice weather forecasts neatly on the modeline.

Some of the hacks I did were pretty hideous but it was fun coding something kinda pointless for personal discovery and amusement :)

(Yes, I was a trained massage therapist once upon a time. Yes, touch starvation is a thing. No, you might not need to risk your health right now to treat it. Yes, you are absolutely worth feeling good.)

We need to defeat this bizzare cognative dissonance people face when they have to re-evaluate the place email holds in their mind. It's not some useless relic of the last generation to cast off in the course of chasing the shiny new.


- Federated
- Decentralized
- Built with open standards
- Fault tolerant
- Enjoys a wide variety of open-source clients & servers
- Has widely available implementations for almost every programming language
- Already being used for software development at scales greater than GitHub-style development has ever dreamed of

"Email? Yuck"

Screw that noise. Set aside your preconceptions and look at email for what it is. The things that make you "yuck" about email are more related to the bastardization of email *software* by corporate interests like Google and Microsoft, and have next to nothing to do with email itself.

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