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The UK gov released this report on racism in the UK at 1 am

And while my twitter feed is going through the report (many Blk Brits on my tl) one thing that just came out is that Blk British women die in childbirth 5x the rate of white women. And that number increases yearly.

Heres a link to the report and the original tweet

trans, dilation advice 

if you're trans and dilate one of the best bits of advice I have is to wrap your dilators up with a hot water bottle in a towel before you start.

Especially in the winter, warm dilators are like 5000% nicer to use.

I packaged up my bodgy config for writing nanowrimo in emacs org and having such luxuries as

* A left/right split with outline in the left, editing in the right narrowed to a subtree
* Easy opening other narrowed frames for background notes
* Loads of hooks/customisation
* Filtering out tagged trees on output to hide notes/deleted scenes
* Every save shows your word count against the daily target for your goal
* Works fine in console

Writing nanowrimo has made me realise that a disproportionate amount of my scenes involve characters making tea and talking about stuff.

Hmm, this is like a self-callout I think.

this is really good news: NICE has dropped its recommendation to treat ME/CFS with Graded Exercise Therapy. considering physical activity triggers a full-body autoimmune flare-up in ME/CFS sufferers, the advice to "just exercise a bit" has been considered actively harmful by pretty much everyone with this illness for a long time. also that recommendation was based on an infamously poor quality study (the PACE trial) that is literally studied as an example of malpractice

come for the story, stay for the correction that says "actually this story was mistaken, it's 100% a thing that's happening but only to people in africa so it doesn't count"

Please consider boosting.

This is me screaming across the fediverse. I'm looking for people that used the original Seesmic before the service was shut down in 2009. I feel like if I were to reconnect with anyone from there, they'd be on the fediverse in 2020.

For context, Seesmic was a cross between YouTube and Twitter. Micro-video blogging with threaded conversations, no commenting, only videos.

I feel with a custom PeerTube instance we can maybe recreate what once was, what do you think?

uspol rant, criticism of the left 

Wishing for a second Trump term because it'll make things "bad" enough for your precious Revolution to happen is uhhh how do we put it pure fucking evil eat shit.

And seeing "no difference" between Biden and Trump is a pretty damned oblivious position, too, like good job ignoring the swell of voices form BIPOC and Latines testifying to how much worse things got, not to mention the non-handling of the pandemic, the dismantlement of Obama-era institutions for dealing with precisely this situation, and how many deaths those actions caused, disproportionately hitting racial minorities and the poor. Like fuck you.

I do not want any part of your Glorious Revolution whose altar requires the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized people as offerings. If you see BIPOC and poor people as acceptable sacrifices and not indispensable comrades and, like, fellow human beings, that's the point where I can no longer distinguish your revolution from fascist fantasies.


Stories from R observers giving poll workers hell during the count in Detroit:

Huh, TIL: scp on Unix systems is considered fairly broken&unfixable by the openssh maintainers; probably better to alias it to rsync.

someone at work just said smtp stands for "send mail to people" im dead

Oops ran out of disk, so that was fun, had to free some up, then poke the configuration to carry on

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Updating a machine and watching it sit staring at redis for a long while and just like ... unsure if its a good idea to interfere or just leave it alone.

J'adore! 😆

Virtual meetings are basically modern seances.

"Elizabeth are you here?"
"Make a sound if you can hear us."
"Is anyone else with you?"
"We can't see you. Can you hear us?"

#humour #meeting #seance

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