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Today I did get around to setting up a small mediawiki install for a roleplaying game I'm part of because ... I have *extensive notes* spread across a number of paper notebooks.

I initially wanted to make an index card system for them (because it would just be cool and also an excuse for stationary and pens) but there was just too much to make the system usefully portable.

This way the players can pool their notes, and also the GM can let the players do some of his work for him :)

Finally got around to popping up the caps on a keyboard I bought second hand recently.

I suspect the previous owner of owning a cat, because the stabaliser lube (which I was pondering refreshing ... but I have no idea what the fuck it is, I may have to mail the previous owner) appeared to have a very few small cat hairs trapped in it :) Now making me think about a detective novel with a clue in the same place.

(they were pretty well lubed, but I shimmed them with micropore to reduce shift)

Prince Ivan looked up. And up.
"So... That is your house, is it?"
"It is," Baba Yaga said.
"Only, I heard your house had chicken legs."
Baba Yaga climbed up the T-Rex's tail to the house on its back.
"Close enough", she cackled.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Which is better? Boosts welcome.

There was a glorious and pretty light dusting of snow across the rooftops this morning adding a whole lovely winter scene to everything.

Then it melted, so now everything is damp and overcast and this is entirely unsatisfactory, but at least probably less slippy so yeah.

This is the flag being flown at the London mayors office today for the uk lgbt history month
Anyone know what this itteration design is called?

This is Archibald. He has begun making appearances in unusual places around the house. Whoever finds him is responsible for picking the next thing for Archibald to do.

I could keep studying the Heart Sutra this weekend... or I could just get commentary on the no-self by reading SMBC instead.

There's something about pixel art that makes it somehow less daunting than painting the way I usually do. Anyway, here's a very large bun.
(about fifteen minutes pixelling)
#art #mastoart

Evening roleplaying game was off so instead I took my keyboard apart and lined it with cheap foam which I think has really helped reduce the case noise a bit.

May have to get it back open because its not quite sealing perfectly by like 0.5mm, although it could well also be the USB cable which I just couldn't get to sit back in the right place at all like a bastard.

Having fun improving this ex-display cheapie, next up lubing (without unsoldering) then decorating with pretty nail stickers :)

Oops, I think I broke the mastos for a bit... whoopsie.

Still I think its back now.

DnD idea: Warlock class that's basically a sponsored social media influencer.
"This spell casting was gifted to me by the dark forces. And if you use my sponsorship rune inscription to contact them you get a free cantrip with your pact"
#dnd #ttrpg

The idea of "alpha" and "beta" males is an outdated myth based on misinformation. There is not a single reported case of a wolf using the Greek alphabet throughout the entirety of recorded history. It does not reflect how wolves act in the wild.

I was talking to Danielle about old friends, wondering out loud what they're doing and where they're at. one of the friends went by the name "yonderboy" and, when I spoke his name, his handle, out loud I had an epiphany. we, us older cyber citizens, the early settlers of the big-I-Internet are a kind of rhyme to the hippies of the 60s. they thought outside the box, they disbehaved and freaked the squares, and they carried with them new names. Flower Child. Moon River.

We carry new names with us. Mendax. Count Zero.

Went out for a walk guided by some work with Elen of the Ways today, it's hard to convey how beautiful I find the bay, although I could have done without the snow and ice on my side of it.

Was interesting to be in touch with others doing similar working via voice while it was going on. We were remote but close, able to talk about how we felt through our own contact with exploring the paths of the world.

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