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Catcalling my friends (I call them on the phone only to say meow and hang up)

If I've learned anything this last year, it's that we're not guaranteed anything and we should try to live out our dreams while we're alive to live them out. It is in that spirit that I reached out to a local college radio station (KPSU in Portland, Oregon) and proposed a new show; my proposal was accepted pending submission of a prerecorded pilot episode. The show is called Hack the Airwaves and I aim to explore various facets of hacker culture, hacker ethics, and the multitudes of kinds of hackers there are out there and the amazing projects they're working on.

Now that I've announced that here, I have a request for all the hackers out there (including and especially those who see hacking as much bigger than just infosec). I plan for my pilot episode to be called "What is a Hacker?" and for that, I need help. Contact me if you're interested in participating by sending me a ~1-7 minute recording of what being a hacker means to you.

Wildling (film) spoilers, abuse, pregnancy 

This evening I watched a film called Wildling, interesting take on werewolves linking them strongly to some experiences associated with womanhood (menstruation, pregnancy), good physical effects and subtle mixes of "human is the monster" (the hunters) and "human and wild can share the world" (the wolf man, friend of the Wildlings).

Some strong Twin Peaks vibes including the establishing shot of the town with the log truck.

Good stuff, 8/10 awoos

We Didn't Start The Fire, 15-25 March 2021 verse 

🎡 Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift,
Grammys had a venue shift
Avatar, Dead Sea Scrolls
Georgia shooting, Covid toll

Lava spewing in Iceland
Richter seven in Japan
Alan Turing fifty quid
Trouble in the Suez 🎡

Did you know that you're supposed to prepare new calligraphy / dip pen nibs before use? They come from the manufacturer coated in an oil that protects them during storage, but if you don't remove that oil before use, your nibs may be prone to sputtering and not holding ink well. One of the easiest ways to prep your nibs is to poke them into a potato for 15 minutes 😁 Here’s Utini modelling my abstract potato art with my new nibs!

'"But we wouldn't have X without [horribly toxic person]"

True, but you cannot even FATHOM all the ideas/products/processes/community leadership you've lost out on from the people you've driven out.

You're focusing on a couple constellations at the expense of the Milky Way

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FSF Europe breaks with FSF over Stallman:

Statement on Richard Stallman rejoining the FSF board - FSFE

This evening's adventure, almost getting an edge on a kukri. Fucking what the hell blade geometry, guess I need to buy a good fine diamond steel.

uk tory government, austerity, pandemic, disabled deaths 

i am thinking about how the tory government expended A LOT of resources over the course of more than a decade to kill disabled people in the UK, with considerable success, and then coronavirus came along and they let that do all the hard work for them. they were open about their hands-off approach to the pandemic right from the start.

Decided to have this one as my avatar. Watercolor drawing that I made in a humorous mood πŸ˜‹
#MastoArt #fantasy

This evening featured knocking up a small wiki for a silly roleplaying game I'm in *before* the information to be tracked becomes too much (Werewolf where half the sessions are intrapack bickering).

This is spurred on by my long-term currently running game where I'm slowly converting hand written notes to a wiki because oh fucking hell it's a huge quantity of data (Delta Green, so lots of names, dates, facts, places, etc from piecing together cases).

it used to be that every program would be bundled with Bonzi Buddy, but now it is Google Chrome "A webcam is now broadcasting live from Fagradalsfjall, facing Geldingadalur, where a fissure eruption began last night."

holy shit is this ever dramatic, watch a volcano burning in the night from another country in real time

you know that story that seemingly all americans teach their kids: how the concept of money today came from some earlier form of bartering economies?

yea that's completely made up.


My favorite thing about computer vision attack vectors is all the attacks have a Looney Tunes energy like how far are we away from people painting tunnels on walls lmaoo

Boosts rly appreciated!

Artists who sell things (or anyone who has feelings on it I guess), what are your feelings about print on demand websites (Redbubble, Teepublic, Printful...)?

I'm looking at selling stuff on my BigCartel site, through Printful, if anyone has experience with this or something like it, how did it work out?

show processes: ps
show catgirls: pspsps

Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Hi fedi, is there any writeup somewhere that explains why birdsite likes their users angry for financial reasons, somewhat concisely?


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