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hey #fediverse, I'm looking to create a collection of social sustainable VPS providers

some characteristics:
- green energy
- worker owned
- organic growth
- opensource
- NO hyperscale

some examples:

please send me more!

How do you access #Mastodon ??? 🗳️ #poll

Texas, data breach 

Why do I get the feeling this is going to have rather immediate repercussions?

Having just a time of this phase of the pandemic and work and general life stress.

But totally managed to go out walking with some peeps and a cute dog in just the most absolutely dramatic magical hillsides with the deepest bits of limestone pavement I've ever seen.

Also some geocaching got done :)

so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

Incredible discovery: the Unicode consortium report on emoji has an official ZWJ sequence example showing how you could implement cat fur colour patterns. Please tell me there are OSs that support this.

From the Good News/Future Crunch newsletter:

Fishermen in Namibia have reduced the accidental deaths of seabirds, including endangered albatrosses, from 30,000 per year in 2009, to just 215 at last count. It's down to a simple regulation created in 2015 that made bird-scaring lines mandatory on all fishing boats. The 98.4% reduction in seabird mortality is an “absolutely amazing” achievement.


having lost everything on my instance means that I am in the obligation of reposting this piece made by @extinct of the Moon Deity

Is there a sci-hub for the humanities?

I've tried using sci-hub to search for literature and philosophy papers and have never had any luck.

The acronym as English town names:

Queerly brook
Intersex green.

discussing racist language in the FOSS scene 

just so y'all are aware, "#rice" is based on a racist description of modified japanese cars as "rice burners" - prefer "mod" or "config" imo

development on youtube-dl has died, but a fork called yt-dlp has fixed bugs and a steady drip of new features

mastodon in theory: decentralized twitter

mastodon in practice: what if we pooled ten different early-2000s opinionated web forums together into a thunderdome

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

three quick tips for helping people going through stuff (caveat: we are not professionals) 

1. Ring Theory: support the people closer to the stuff than you are, vent your feelings about it to people farther.

2. Follow their lead: don't do "things our society says help", pay attention to what's helping and not helping /this/ person and help them.

3. Validate their feelings: if what happened to them sucked, let them know you agree - it helps people to know they're not Just Being Weak or whatever.

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