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“It's not a great feeling to think that someone may have read your words and then gone on to construct the dystopian hellscape that we're now living in … I wish I had never published this.”

Jamie’s a good egg.

trans issues, surgery, censorship 

I was reminded by a thread by @polymerwitch this morning of a time around 20 years ago when my family was watching a surgery program on TV, we were all interested in educational medical-documentary stuff.

In this edition a trans woman was getting top surgery. The surgeons had explained the procedure and shown graphic mockups of everything, the dotted lines were drawn on the patient's skin, and the procedure proceeded.

The very instant the breast implant was put under the patient's skin her nipple became immediately blurred out on-screen, but not before. It was the same exact nipple on the same exact person, but with a new swell behind it suddenly it was suddenly considered too obscene to allow an audience watching medically-explicit television to see.

I've thought about that peculiar moment of censorship a lot over the years.

"Because the cloud fucked up one too many times, so Mommy decided to set up her own networked cloud with the other mommies in the neighborhood in a mesh network and distributed fault-tolerant storage"

Spacesuit for cat:

i like that russian orthodox priests blessing racks of electronic equipment with holy water is an entire genre

@Shrigglepuss Me watching a video on soldering: oh yeah this looks pretty straightforward

Me soldering: fuck oh no oh god oh shoot

There's a petition to remove Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill. This is the clause that says government can take people's UK citizenship away without even bothering to tell them.

If it gets 100,000 signatures, Parliament has to debate it. A debate is urgently needed after the Bill was rushed through last night in just a few minutes.

I've been watching the number of signatories climbing this morning and it's already over 42,000. Please sign and share to get it there!

VMware/work tech bitching 

For work reasons I'm trying to do some more work on a linux box over VMwares Horizon Client, so far unimpressed by the linux client.

What a fucking piece of shit. Its colours are fractionally off, it ignores/repeats keystrokes at random (yeah repeat backspace 50 times that's what I want when trying to write code) and it feels like typing in rubber gloves constantly.

Shitty VNC client written in Java? I am shocked I tell you.

What a fucking painful waste of time.

Anybody want to get paid to make cc-by-sa licensed clip art and video game sprites?

I need some art work for some things, and I'd rather 1) hire someone to make it, 2) ensure it's released under an open content license.

What do you think?


And here is a Moon Pillar over Antarctica, in a photo by Daniel Michalik, a research fellow at the European Space Agency.

*Wildly* beautiful.



"How did you find us? Radio?"
"Radio dissipates," the alien ambassador said, "telepathy doesn't."
"You heard our thoughts?"
"When enough of you focus on the same words, with passion, we sense it."
"So a prayer or anthem?"
"We don't know. It begins with: 'Is this the real life?'."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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