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Does anyone want to join a Discord server about DART (the Disability Attitude Readjustment Tool)?

It's for taking companies to small claims court (UK) for breach of the disability bit of the Equality Act 2010 without representation. DM for a link.

I need this poem today. Don't even know which part I want to quote the most.

Why does my cheapie Jinhao 992 not supply ink to the nib? oh upon inspection it's because I don't think the nib slit joins up to the breather hole and I think its supposed to? (although googling around is not giving me very revealing answers, looking at spare nibs this one is maybe right???).

I am now wondering if I have a drill bit fine enough to take a shot at fixing this/changing it.

Amazon buys Roomba

Roomba maps your home and shares it with pentagon

Ring shares video with cops

Alexa listens to you and...

"Some people seem to be unable to rationally consider the possibility that NSA is sabotaging post-quantum cryptography. I've heard people saying, for example, that submissions to the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Project (NISTPQC) were publicly designed and evaluated by top experts, and that NSA can't have bribed the submission teams."

Rationally consider? I have money on it.

uk friends - someone started this petition for a review into the PIP assessment process, which as many of you already know is designed exclusively to exhaust and dehumanise disabled people into giving up on claiming independence benefits. please sign!!

She gathered courage, looked into those deep brown eyes.
"I love you."
It was met with a shrug.
The next day she tried again, and the next, and the next.
Met with a sigh, a frown, a hesitant smile; at last the person in the mirror mouthed the words with her, and she was whole.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

sometimes you just have to spend an hour doing a portrait of a demon general giving strategic advice while smoking a bubble pipe

USPol, Judith Butler, Roe v Wade, wider justice

So yeah Judith Butler once more hitting it out the park with interesting ideas - tying together ideas of not privacy as a basis but equality in healthcare for all, and not oppression rooted in reproduction but attempts by the state to own reproduction for a right wing "restoration project" and the need for a broad coalition to oppose this for the good of all.

I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

What if a human gained sentience, we'd all be in trouble then

Celeste, Video gaming, complaining 

Holy shit ch8 Core is just brutally grim. Just fucking what.

I just died about 200 times getting through this room and had to turn the invert hold mechanic on to avoid breaking my hands more holding the grip button constantly.

Its fun still but such precision in ricochet/bounce mechanics is needed that fractionally being off in angles gets you insta-killed, feels less free running than earlier sections.

For anyone that feels they might need this, or knows somebody that needs support, the NHS run The National Centre for Gaming Disorders:

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UK Metoffice Red/Amber Weather warning, early next week.

Expect it to be more than just "a nice bit of summer weather" and check the NHS heatwave advice

And if you don't have oral rehydration solution in stock know the recipe for home making it

Also if you're going to think you want a fan (hand held/desktop) or ice lollies stock up now basically and take care of yourselves this could be a grim couple of days.

MastoAdmins, request for a survey from 

Email from Ashley Hull of "Mastodon State of the Fediverse (July 2022) Survey

I've sent this survey to a decent sample size of other instance administrators
to try and get some decent data to present to the Mastodon developers on our
behalf. (I am not part of the Mastodon Core Team)"

No mention of their instance, that domain isn't serving web. Anyone know who's running this and why? Just feels iffy you know

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