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Hey kids when you're designing awesome decentralised stuff, don't forget discoverability. I mean podcasts, conceptually, are perfectly decentralised but when I ask someone about their podcast 90% of the time they tell me to look it up on iTunes.

Bulk order of 1kgs worth of Pork Scratchings was an excellent life-choice.

TFW you see someone is up for an a national award in the hobby you're involved in. Someone who is beyond a Missing Stair. Who inflicted trauma on someone you care about. And you're full of rage. But it isn't your story to tell. So you sit and boil and love the hurt person as best you can

@morix Oh yes. Old skool insomnia and then dropping off randomly

Tonight/this morning withdrawal is being a Bastard

Looming Bearded Behatted Wizards are Very Much A Thing In Cold Albion, Part Infinity

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Cold-prophet, hedge-based ritual specialist. One man's priest is another's sorcerer.

When your hair and beard are just like "Nah mate, you live in a bush."

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Here’s a survey about titles that should only take 3 minutes or so, for literally anyone who speaks English:

It’ll end at noon UK time on Sunday 13th January 2019 at the soonest.

Every survey response, RT and boost is really helpful! Thank you. :)

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We said "bingo! I crave the flame!" in my house for like two weeks

Not to mention orgies or somesuch

Whereas, because of the tech-wisdom of @morix our mastadon instance feels like someone's living room, with the wider fediverse other houses in a neighbourhood that folks visit from - and who we'll probably have wild street parties with, tbh

Mind you: I have cut down on extraneous following on Twitter and in other places. Makes everything more cosy. Like a local pub, instead of a gigantic nightclub filled with soul-sucking despair-inducing horror.

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