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Do sighted people (or people who otherwise don't feel that image descriptions are for them) look at image descriptions here?

Generally I mean, not necessarily "always" or "never."

"tidings (n.)

"announcement of an event," c. 1200, from late Old English tidung "event, occurrence, piece of news," verbal noun from Old English tidan "to happen," or in part from Old Norse tiðendi (plural) "events, news," from tiðr (adj.) "occurring," both from Proto-Germanic tīdōjanan, from PIE *di-ti- "division, division of time," suffixed form of root *da- "to divide." Similar formation in Norwegian tidende "tidings, news," Dutch tijding, German Zeitung "newspaper." -

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In myth-time, ritual time, rhythmic time, tidal time and thinking there is no Pentecost without Babel. Without Nimrod, no stony finger reaching up like an upward streamer from the earth to meet the atmospheric leader and unleash the jagged cracks across the worlds made visible in the fury of the lightning, manifesting euangelion - more than "good news", in Classical Greek, it is "the reward for good *tidings*".

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Glossolalic poiesis perhaps? No singular Word of God, but a multitude of divine tongues noisily profusing through history, rippling through the centuries to be touched and tasted by flame-headed apostles overflowing with Pentecostal fluidity?

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Paying attention to the cacophanous noises-off, which are a twilight language spoken with and through all things. I wonder whether - to borrow from biblical myth - the destruction of the Tower of Babel was never a punishment, but a gift? A tentative touch of the divine bringing tumult to trouble the human, to awaken cracks in the tyranny of uprightness.

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Cracking always begins with the smallest of things - begun *long* before manifesting "movement", "legibility" or "recognition" or "representation", before "vision".
The unnoticed, the things occuring at the corner of the eye - peripheral, flowing tidally beyond and and through the staked-out pale of territory, exceeding definitions of marginal.

@ephemeral @sciss Hah. They think-with-the-tide too, of course - their nests and fields influence the tide too, in terms of nutrient-waste gradients, topography et al.

@sciss Yes, good call there! Of course, there's a plurality involved in the rhythmic ritualisation - tide is water, land, earth, sun, moon, gravity - a transpersonal "we" that exceeds the human, in a sense.

Or rather, beyond, the singular "human-body" - as I'm getting deeper into considering this, tidal thinking appears to be rhythmic ritualised-thinking-with--the-more-than-human, where the ritualised rhythmic thinking is its own point - we don't think tidally "for anything" except the process itself.

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"Tdal thinking" as rhythmic-ritual-thinking is, to a certain extent, a recognition that it is not about sucesses, but contact, tentatitivity, exploration of the spaces, worldings, and temporalities. In this sense, it's taking crip-processes beyond the human

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Consider then, the way, tides touch, make contact with things - they are simulatenously tentative, but also inexorable.

I have . I spasm all the time, at the whim of my muscles and nervous system. My grip is not aleays firm. I often fail more than I succeed at motor tasks.

I've had to learn the spastic rhythms of my own body. I perform the rites and processes with it because direct-goal-based processes often don't work

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There's something about the profusion of alterity in a tide. That is, a tide can spenmd centuries moving fore and back over the same land. But each cycle may catch different things in it - assemblages of flotsam combining to form unruly congeries which may compost in strange ways

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The imbrication of other flows and processes with it, makes, it.

The centre cannot exist without the periphery - a stageshow cannot exist without the narratives and performances of lives and processes in the wings.

Tide has the water meaning, but it has always had temporal implications (especially in non English languages) *because* of the recognition of alternate temporalities.

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"Tidal Thinking" as I'm begining to understand it (because it's from an off the cuff remark to @ephemeral a couple of months ago) is, essentially, thinking-as-rhythmic ritual rather than a process with innteligibility as goal.

Indeed, its relationship to chronological and horologicial time makes goals, instrumentalism, teleology merely one kind of performance thinking - isn't antithetical or oppositional to them.

It's ebb and flood - tide affected by landform, by sun and moon.

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Today I found one of the nerdiest things I have seen in my life: a compilation of short text adventure games, each based on a track from TMBG's "Apollo 18".

The ones based on the short tracks that comprise "Fingertips" are all designed to be finishabe in a single move. Some of them are quite bizarre.

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Side note to the thread from @mrvi on QTEs ( I want to express my annoyance with not making controller vibration amount configurable or optional - replacing them with visual/audio cue. I have literally had to get refunds on games before because of this.

I have one controller I've modded to disconnect the rumblers from, but if vibe signals timing and there's no alt cue I can't play the game. Too much violent rumble makes my hands hurt and go numb (thanks )

This isn't just AAA games. It's prevalent in really cool indy titles I want to love and support. But honestly, it feels like any time I realise a title has a minigame which is essential to gameplay, there's a large chance it'll be QTE and I start dreading minigames as a whole tbh. Indie devs - you're doing yourselves out of cash and a passionate community of potential fans.

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Dear game developers: making Quick Time Events optional is a issue. I have lost count of how many games are unplayable to me and other folks with motor issues due to them being sodding mandatory and unskippable. Are aware of how much it gates things off for a large population?

63 years ago and horribly prescient

"When news moves slowly, the paper has time to provide perspectives, background, and interrelations for the news, and the reader is given a consumer package. When the news comes at high speed, there is no possibility of such literary processing, and the reader is given a do-it-yourself kit."

- Electronic Revolution: Revolutionary Effects of New Media, Marshall McLuhan, 1959

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