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- Welcome to loci.onl -

We are a small incubator mastodon instance with the goal of helping to get some people more into using the Fediverse by providing an instance populated by people they know, or know people who know, and hence hopefully curating a good atmosphere of cool people on a literally geographically local timeline - sort of like the old days of regional BBS. This instance is based around the sort of geeky roleplayer community of Hanging Town and its surrounding area.

People are expected to just use this server as is, or once they've established themselves (which can take time) to to find other instances and places on the Fediverse they prefer. This is not a public instance and hence new accounts will be by circulating invites and slowly ramping up the userbase.

Oh and please set a profile picture, even if its not of you but of something totally random, default profile pics just piss your humble admin off.

This experiment will probably be running from late 2018 - late 2019 and then will be extended if enough people are still using it and want to carry it on.

- Code of Conduct -

We are broadly following the code of conduct from the flagship instance, roughly reworded for application here:
  1. CW (Content Warning) Tag: must be used for any gore, smut, NSFW/NSFL stuff, or anything people may want to prepare themselves for or to not see over work's wifi. Please use CWs as much as you want - politics, spoilers, and discussion of plot for media and books may well also benefit, along with extensive roleplaying discussion.
  2. Public timeline: No advertising or bots
  3. Shitty topics: stuff that'll get you a stern talking too from your friend the admin and possibly a ban includes racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, sexualised depictions of children or lolicon (not the fashion), violent nationalism, facism, or xenophobia. You know, being a shit bag. Come on friends you're better than this. Try and remember however that we're only human and everyone will make minor mistakes once in a while, but there is often a difference between "oops I fucked up and didn't think about that" and shitty behaviour, especially if the "oops" is repeated.
  4. Shitty behaviour: Don't stalk, harass, leak peoples private information (like real names if they're using an alias, or addresses), or dox anyone and don't encourage other people to do it either. If someone asks you to drop any subject or stop talking to them then respect that, and don't try and egg others on to do it for you. Also don't do it to other users on other instances from here. TL;DR don't be an edgelord or ill socialised prat.
  5. Finite Resources: Server resources (like the Earths resources), and other peoples time is not infinite. People aren't obliged to follow or interact with you, they often have busy lives, if people block you don't assume the worst. Also if you chew up all the server resources by mass posting or uploading loads of pictures constantly I will be unhappy. Or if you consume admin time by stirring shit or dragging fights back here from other instances that may also make me unhappy.

See also terms of use/privacy policy for details on how I'll be handling your data.

- Additional -

More about Mastodon

Glorious Artwork, Addons, and thanks

Our Instance thumbnail is a picture I took of Clougha Pike along with the Mastodon mascot from the default banner.

Our mascot image is provided very helpfully by Sailko under CC BY-SA 3.0, the original is on Mediawiki.

We have a relay feed from https://relay.mastodon.host - thanks peeps :)

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. See the modifier guide for details.

Mysterious thanks to the initial conspirators for discussion of setup as well as initial testing and helping iron out bugs and strange behaviour.