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- Welcome to loci.onl -

This is a small mastodon instance with the goal of helping people get into using the Fediverse and give a gentle introduction by providing an instance populated with people they know directly, or at one step remove - friends and friends-of-friends. The idea behind this was to make an instance linked to the sort of geeky and/or roleplayer community of Hanging Town and its surrounding area, but also open to people connected to that wide social environment by various means. The goal is curate a good friendly atmosphere of people many of whom are reasonably geographically local (sort of like the old days of regional BBS), but with some a bit further away, and to ask the question "If you could run your own social network what would that look like?"

People are expected to just use this server as is, or once they've established themselves (which can take time) to to find other instances and places on the Fediverse they prefer and migrate away.

This is not a public instance, if you want an account feel free to apply for one and let the admin know who you are.

Oh and please set a profile picture, even if its not of you but of something totally random, default profile pics just piss your humble admin off.

This experiment has been running since late 2018 and is extended through late 2020 - and then will be extended if enough people are still using it and want to carry it on, if not people will get several months notice and help from the admin to migrate to other instances.

Oh there's also an XMPP server available (super duper no guarantees on that uptime) and a Friendica node in development, give the admin a poke if you're interested in either of these ideas.

- Code of Conduct -

We are broadly following the code of conduct from the flagship instance, roughly reworded for application here - honestly I'm not really expecting this to come up much

  1. CW (Content Warning) Tag: must be used for any gore, smut, nudity, NSFW/NSFL stuff - anything people may want to prepare themselves for or to not see over work's wifi. Encouraged but not mandatory use for: politics, DWP/Government horror, spoilers and discussion of plot for media and books, or extensive roleplaying discussion that may not be interesting to everyone. But please use them for anything you want, they're helpful :).
  2. Unwanted Content: At most minimal and very irregular posts that feel like advertising please i.e. progress updates on a cool funded project or a cool thing you have made at work is okay, but identical repetitive spam is not - this instance is for people talking about their cool stuff, not commercial businesses. If you want to run a bot please make sure it posts unlisted or followers only and be careful with it.
  3. Shitty Content: will be removed, and may get you banned - this includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, being shitty to gender & sexual minorities including kinkshaming, ableism, sexualised depictions of children or lolicon (not the fashion), violent nationalism, facism, national socialism, holocaust denial, casteism, or xenophobia.
    Try and remember however that we're only human and everyone will make minor mistakes once in a while and hopefully apologise and learn - but repeated minor fuck ups show a pattern of crappy behaviour and will get a stern talking too or a ban.
  4. Shitty Behaviour: Major stuff: Don't stalk, harass (wide interpretation), dox, or post any private information about people (names or other aliases/accounts, addresses, locations, pictures, etc) without permission.
    Minor stuff: If someone asks you to drop any subject or stop talking to them then respect that - including giving them unsolicited advice, don't try and get others to gang up on anyone. Don't be an arse and hassle people about their bodies, minds, or lives. TL;DR don't be an edgelord or ill socialised prat.
  5. Finite Energy: Peoples time and energy is not infinite. People aren't obliged to follow or interact with others, filtering your feed is encouraged, and if someone's posting or specific topics are exhausting then you are encouraged to disengage. If someone unfollows or blocks you, or filters your posts, try not to feel bad about it, try and assume they're either busy or exhausted.

- Terms Of Use / Privacy Policy -

Server resources (like the Earths resources) are not infinite. Admin time, patience, and knowledge are also not infinite. However both these things are there to be used - just try not to exhaust them.

See the terms of use/privacy policy for details on data handling, resource usage policy, and general situations in which the admin may wind up peering at your data or asking and helping you to migrate to another instance, as well as legally where this server exists and which governments may fuck with us.

This instance blocks a number of shitty instances, if you view this page while logged in you'll see a list

- Additional -

User Interface

Don't like the single or multipane interfaces and want something a bit more familiar/unusual? Then why not try:
  • Pinefore - A webclient built for speed/simplicity
  • Halcyon - A webclient built to resemble twitter
  • Brutaldon - a simplistic web 1.0 UI

More about Mastodon

Finding people, stuff, and places:

  • Main page, left hand column has a user/hashtag search box
  • Mastodon Trunk - helps you follow a bunch of people who are interested in various topics to get started finding people, also has some organisations. They have a few hundred lists, but examples that may be specifically interesting for us are: RPGs, Academia, Board Games, Gardening, UK Politics, Philosophy, Photography, and Writing. Seriously go take a look.
  • Guppe Groups - public discussion "groups" where you can address a post @ a group and everyone following that group will see it so its easier to find and talk to people by interest.
  • Search for users -
  • Search for content -
    • Click on hashtags to show posts this instance has seen - the fediverse tends to search around hashtags not text
    • Open hashtag link in new tab for posts remote servers has seen
    • View Federated Timeline for every toot this server has seen
    • View public toots from many instances by checking their /public URL, for example mastodon.social/public
  • Search for other instances -
  • Masto.host offers fully managed mastodon instances if you want to run your own, or I can give you a hand with sysadmin advice if you want to self host.
  • Spacebear Federation offers managed Mastodon, Pixelfed, Peertube, Hometown, or Pleroma instances
  • Other cool instances that may interest people include: tabletop.social (tabletop, roleplaying, LARPers, etc), Elekk (an instance for gamers of all kinds, except shitty ones), wandering.shop (scifi and fantasy fans), mastodon.art (art and creative works of all kinds) who have a list of other creative instances, and scholar.social (academia stuff, run by queer academics).

Glorious Artwork, Addons, and thanks

Our Instance thumbnail is a picture I took of Clougha Pike along with the Mastodon mascot from the default banner.

Our mascot image is provided very helpfully by Sailko under CC BY-SA 3.0, the original is on Mediawiki. It is a Roman Genius Loci medal (see "Ancient Roman medals in the Museo archeologico nazionale (Florence)" and Genius Loci).

We have a relay feed from https://relay.mastodon.host - thanks peeps :)

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.