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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the loci.onl moderators.

  1. CW (Content Warning) Tag: must be used for any gore, smut, nudity, NSFW/NSFL stuff - anything people may want to prepare themselves for or to not see over work's wifi.
  2. CW (Content Warning) Tag: Encouraged but not mandatory use for: politics, DWP/Government horror, spoilers and discussion of plot for media and books, or extensive roleplaying discussion that may not be interesting to everyone. But please use them for anything you want, they're helpful :)
  3. Unwanted Content: Repetitive commercial spam - updates on ongoing projects are fine, but identical repetition of adverts is not. This instance is for talking to people about your/their cool stuff not commercial business advertisements.
  4. Unwanted Content: Bots - Please ask first, if you want to run a bot please make sure it posts unlisted or followers only and be careful with it.
  5. Shitty Banned Content: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, being shitty to gender & sexual minorities (including kinkshaming), ableism, sexualised depictions of children or lolicon (not the fashion), violent nationalism, facism, national socialism, holocaust denial, casteism, or xenophobia.
  6. Shitty Banned Behaviour: Don't stalk, harass (wide interpretation), dox, or post any private information about people (names or other aliases/accounts, addresses, locations, pictures, etc) without permission.
  7. Shitty Banned Behaviour: Respect requests to drop subjects/stop interacting with people, including unsolicited advice, don't try and get others to gang up on anyone. Don't be an arse and hassle people about their bodies, minds, or lives. TL;DR don't be an edgelord or ill socialised prat.
  8. Peoples time and energy are not infinite: No obligation to follow or interact with others, if someones posting or topics are exhausting then please disengage from them/filter out keywords. If someone unfollows/blocks/filters you, try not to feel bad about it, assume they are busy/exhausted.
  9. Unwanted Members: No Cops. No Fash. No Tories. No "concerned right wing individuals just asking questions"