You are reminded that this server is not being run democratically but is being run by a friendly benevolent dictator.

Privacy policy is best effort to keep things private that should be, people are responsible and liable for and own their own data that they contribute to this server.

Remember that the server admin has access to everything you write or upload here, I will try to avoid ever seeing stuff and will try and ask you before ever looking through things, but if I have to go investigate complaints or server weirdness I may see stuff.

Server resources are not infinite, nor is administrator patience and time. Users who violate the code of conduct, are generally making the atmosphere unpleasant, are consuming more resources than the admin would like, or who bring online trouble back to this server may be quietly asked to leave, and I'll try and help you migrate to an alternative instance.

Genius Loci of Hanging Town

Small private mastodon instance being run for local(ish) friends and associates to try and help people establish more contacts on the Fediverse. If you know the admin and want an account send a message.