You are reminded that this server is not being run democratically but is being run by a friendly benevolent dictator, that said if you have suggestions for changing things up please let me know.

Privacy policy is best effort to keep things private that should be, people are responsible and liable for what they post here - and own their own data that they contribute to this server. I don't want it, it's yours.

Remember that the server admin has access to everything you write or upload here, I will try to avoid ever seeing stuff and will try and ask you before ever looking through things, but if I have to go investigate complaints or server weirdness I may see stuff accidentally, I will try and keep it under my hat.

Data is kept reasonably backed up, but this service is not being run commercially, don't depend on us to maintain copies of anything important or vital as crashes, bugs, and data loss happens. Updates and server uptime is run as a best effort hobby basis so there may be down time, this is not a mission critical service for anyone

Server resources are not infinite, nor is administrator patience and time. Users who violate the code of conduct, are generally making the atmosphere unpleasant, are consuming more resources than the admin would like, or who bring online trouble back to this server may be quietly asked to leave, and I'll try and help you migrate to an alternative instance.

Legally this service lives in Germany but the admin is from the UK - expect that it can get fucked by laws and governments from both sides of this equation

Genius Loci of Hanging Town

Mastodon is a federated microblogging network, so with an account on any instance you can communicate with people on other instances. This one is for friendly people part of, or associated with, the geeky/roleplayer social group of Hanging Town (Lancaster) in the UK.